allóe - Redefining the process of recovery

Task Analysis

Pain Points

According to Benjamin’s schedule on a day of treatment, it can take a total of 7 hours spent in a single building. Traveling to the location of treatment can sometimes be bothersome for an already fatigued person. Benjamin wishes there were a way to receive treatment in the comfort of his home with his loved ones, not in a “sick” room.


A smart wireless infusion pump. Our cell phones are tiny computers, they have the capabilities of acting as a control interface when paired with a device through an app, hence “Alloe” being a system of a healthcare service, a mobile application which acts as both an interface for the pump and service, as well as a social network for patients with cancer. The Alloe pump was designed specifically for this service, which is also controled by the application.


Sketching was an important part of the process. It took numerous pitched concepts on paper before any further steps were taken. The shape and form of the pump was governed by the inside functions, i.e. what kind of pump was used. After constant sketching and scrapping of ideas, I was finally able to move on with a semi curved, linear peristaltic pump.